Grassroots video

From the Horizon report, I take this definition of the video revolution that is ravaging through the Internet right now. It is as easy to publish video as to publish text on the web. It is easy and extremely cheap to record and edit video clips. You know the most popular sites already, and there is more to come: web based editing for instance, as and

The problems as I have identified them, though are the following:
– Poor quality
– Small screens
– The internet restlessness
– Educational infrastructure

A plumberQuality problems and small screens are two sides of the same coin. Due to bandwidth limitations, the quality and size has to be restricted. In learning this may – especially in poor conditions – lead to unuseful material and frustrated students. I have worked in a project with apprentice plumbers, using mobile phones as a primary tool for their learning. But how do a student see the the small details of a sewege pipe in a tiny window with pixelated compression? There are issues to discuss here.

The restlessness that internet users have proven to suffer from, is an issue too. Video is more direct than a text, which may help. But why should a student watch just the videos recommended by the teacher, when there’s car crashes, erotica, Eddie Izzard, Gnarls Barkely and all the entertainment at the same place?

What do I mean with educational infrastructure? Well, this is really a subject of its own. The big problem in this matter is that many shools lack computers, and the existing computers (or technical policy to be more precise) do not allow Flash or other video players to be installed. This means that all ways of using, sharing, uploading and teaching via grassroots video – methodology is lost. Out in the field we try to discuss this matter with scool leaders, technical staff and teachers. But its a slow preocess. The students and the teachers are not trusted.

Anyway. I have started some experiments with grassroots video, to try to find good ways of using it. Soon there will be some results here.


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