Future speculation

We held a discussion seminar last wednesday, where the subject was “Learning in the future”. There were so many great ideas and thoughts. Some obvious ones of course, but also a lot very innovative. I will write a lot about these ideas and try to experiment with some of them. To give you a taste of what we talked about, here are some clues:

  •  The students are extremely fast to pick up new media. This contrasts to the slow pace of the educational institutions. The gap between the two will widen if the schools dont pick up on the new media.
  • Its hard to explain why schools should pick up the technology, since there are few good, practical examples. Its also hard to reach the school leaders with visions.
  • Anarchistic learning: Teachers and students will use what ever tools they prefer, in any way that suits them, regardless of the proposals from headmasters or political trends.
  • The time is over when teachers could regard themselves as a priviliged guild, waiting for students to come to them. Today the teacher profession is a service profession.
  • It will be more important to exist on the web, with a digital identity – for work, contacts, interests and active citizenship.
  • The knowledge factor is interesting. Is the web and web2 only a place for information processing, and not for gaining knowledge? Can you regard communication as knowledge? Is it stressful? What is really in a blog or a wiki? Is it knowledge? Maybe the importance of deep knowledge is lost?
  • Focus on a new role for teachers, with a new education and training for teachers.
  • The real problems with the lack of development on these matters, are the lack of initiative on infrastructure, political decisions, IT-policies and so on.

These were a few of the subejcts we started to dig in to. Now there will be a lot more processing and further interviews with talented people.


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Starting from a project about foreseeing the future of learning, this blog is an output of thoughts, ideas, comments and research. I am trying to be practical too, providning examples of the different aspects of the subject. My name is Pelle Filipsson and I work as a web pedagog.

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