More on mobile learning

I visited the Adult Education Conference in Stockholm on monday-tuesday. Among others, I saw a seminar on mobile learning, which was not very impressive. The lecturer, backed by five company representatives, confirmed my objections regarding quality and such. Also, the seminar was focused on technology, not the pedagogical issues. So we saw bad video quality and salesmen trying to sell technology. Also we saw the “intelligent, individually adapted language course”. Which meant a 1996 style word test.

I sat there watching and thought “Is there something I am missing out on? Or is this just an equivalent to a telephone call or a chat, with some simple tests attached to it?”. I can see the pros with a portable way to follow education, communication and all that. But we need larger screens, larger keyboard and more use of the voice among other issues for this to work satisfactory. A laptop computer seem to be a better toll, but a bi lless mobile I suppose. The future high speed connections is also an important development for this technology.

And where is the visions and innovations? Why use a mobile phone with its certain pros and cons, just as a computer with static learning resouces and a chat? Boring. So now you think “can he do it better?” Well, I will try to explore some visions I have, regarding the real advantages of mobile learning, which I think is the freedom of movement. I will come back on this subject with some content to show.


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Starting from a project about foreseeing the future of learning, this blog is an output of thoughts, ideas, comments and research. I am trying to be practical too, providning examples of the different aspects of the subject. My name is Pelle Filipsson and I work as a web pedagog.

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