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Report: The future of learning

Here is the report The future of learning. Only in swedish unfortunately, I will write excerpts here in the blog in english soon.



The future of learning

I participated in a group of three members during the spring and summer. We explored the trends of learning and tried to come up with ideas for the future. Interviews and printed sources, such as the Horizon report were used. Six main areas were identified and we publish our report soon, only in swedish though.

The six areas are the following:
– Knowledge for life or changing knowledge
– Competence, technical access and digital gap
– The social web
– Individualised learning
– Motivation and work tools
– The need of a national initiative

I will explain the different areas in coming posts on my blog.

About this blog

Starting from a project about foreseeing the future of learning, this blog is an output of thoughts, ideas, comments and research. I am trying to be practical too, providning examples of the different aspects of the subject. My name is Pelle Filipsson and I work as a web pedagog.