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New job

On 1 october will start working at the Swedish National Agency for Education. Privately this will be a major change, since I have been walking for seven minutes to get to work for some years, but now I will take a train for 1,5 hours to get there. It is located in central Stockholm. Professionally there will be some changes too. New colleagues, new tasks, new The original idea was to continue the core activity that I have been involved in during my years at CFL (Swedish agency for flexible learning). My first misson will be to create a new principal education. Of cource I will try to find ways to continue my inspirational tours of the swedish educational system.


About this blog

Starting from a project about foreseeing the future of learning, this blog is an output of thoughts, ideas, comments and research. I am trying to be practical too, providning examples of the different aspects of the subject. My name is Pelle Filipsson and I work as a web pedagog.