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Evaluating the Horizon Report

In the future project, A good source for what others think about the development in learning, is the Horizon report. A very good work indeed. I have tried to get a historical overview on the reports from 2004 to 2008. Its interesting how some of the ideas have continued and developed. For instance mobile learning. In 2005 it was called “Ubiquitous wireless”, 2006 it was “Phones in their pockets”, 2007 had just “Mobile Phones” and 2008 calls it “mobile broadband”. I think these are all pointing towards the potential and development of the mobile learning. Unfortunately, I have not seen any practical examples that are really good yet.

The social web is one trend that has been proven very true. In 2005, the Horizon report called this “Social networks and knowledge webs”. Then the idea continued as “Social computing” in 2006, “Social networking”, “User created content” and “Massive multiplayer Educational gaming” in 2007, while in 2008 almost all of the trends reported were about the social web, such as “collaboration webs”, “collective intelligence” and “social operating systems”.

 Educational games is one more of the trends that comes back every year. 2005: Augmented reality”, 2006: “Educational gaming” and 2007: “Massive Multiplayer Educational gaming”.

So these three trends will be very interesting to follow. There are pros and cons with them all, so I suppose I have to dig in to find the gems in all subjects.


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