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Conference the future of learning day 2

9.00 The first lecturer was Tomas Fürth from Kairos Future, a company for future studies. I have heard him before, and read some of their material. Its an excellent, insightful and also very entertaining lecturer that makes the audience laugh continuously. I cant really quote him, but one of his conclusions is that people are becoming more and more autonomous, they are strong individuals in loose collectives. Very nice I think.

9.30 A panel of politicians and students answers questions from the audience. A very clever way of asking – write the questions on your computer or phone, which are displayed on the screen behind them. This creates a cool atmosphere of debate on the stage and on the screen. I had to write a question of my own:
“Which central agency can be a hub for the development when only 8 people at the Swedish Agency of Education works with what two full, but closed, agencies recently did”. The answer was vague, as they are from politicians.

The students from YBC got the really big applauses, while the politicians are met with more disregard.

10.30 Lots of small seminars all over the conference hall. Most interesting is to walk around to see the trends. Right now web2 seems to be hot, along with learning platforms (or are they just desperate?). Interesting how static learning objects were almost extinct, except for a mobile-learning-company, that tries to sell their concept with old quizzes.

13.oo Stephen Heppell lectures about his views and ideals.


New job

On 1 october will start working at the Swedish National Agency for Education. Privately this will be a major change, since I have been walking for seven minutes to get to work for some years, but now I will take a train for 1,5 hours to get there. It is located in central Stockholm. Professionally there will be some changes too. New colleagues, new tasks, new The original idea was to continue the core activity that I have been involved in during my years at CFL (Swedish agency for flexible learning). My first misson will be to create a new principal education. Of cource I will try to find ways to continue my inspirational tours of the swedish educational system.

Slideshare presentation of our lecture

Here is the presentation from the conference last week:

Internet based 3D-worlds for flexible education

Based on my report “Internet based 3D-worlds for flexible education”, I held a short internal lecture last friday, 29/2 at CFL. The report was finished in june 2007, so it’s not entirely fresh, but my conclutions seem to be ok still. I had a look at some of the popular worlds like Second Life and Active worlds. I interviewed some Swedish researchers in the area and I read the book Lärande i praktiken (Learning in practice) by Roger Säljö. He is very keen on the Socio-cultural perspective of learning, which is very suitable to use on these 3D worlds. I will write more about my conclutions later.

 The lecture was ok, and I think my audience got a glimpse of the potential of these tools.

Web 2.0 and learning at the Adult Education Conference

Monday 10/3, Peter Johansson and I will do a lecture on web 2.0 and learning at the Adult Education Conference in Stockholm. Peter have used a good PPT-presentation for a few months and we work on it at the moment to update it and make it perfect for this lecture.

Future speculation seminar

On Wednesday 5/3 we will run a “future speculation seminar” at CFL. Six colleagues will brainstorm around the possibilities and hypes of the future in e-learning. Some obvious subjects are up for debate, and I hope we will get some innovative ideas too.

About this blog

Starting from a project about foreseeing the future of learning, this blog is an output of thoughts, ideas, comments and research. I am trying to be practical too, providning examples of the different aspects of the subject. My name is Pelle Filipsson and I work as a web pedagog.