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Grassroots video part 2

I have tried some ideas on how video sites like Youtube can be a resource in learning. I can see four different ways of using it, where one is a little bit experimental:

1. As a recource where huge amounts of videos are freely avalilable to watch.

2. Publishing your own clips of course, which can be useful for bort teachers and students.

3. Interacting socially on the video sites, with comments and with video diaries.

4. And lastly, my own little experiment where Youtube is a resource for raw material to create my own clips from. This is not widely used yet, but let me explain how to do it:

Step 1: Download the preferred Youtube videos from this site:
Step 2: Convert the clips from flv format to Avi using this program:
Step 3: Edit the clips in your preferred video editor, like Adobe Premiere or Windows Movie Maker.
Step 4: Export the finished clip. Now you have created your own video from a great source of raw material. If you wish, you can publish it on Youtube. As you surely understand, this can create some copyrighting problems. So be aware of what you are doing.


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