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Conference The Future of Learning

Right now I visit the swedish conference Framtidens Lärande (The Future of Learning) at Nacka Strand in Stockholm. It is a great initiative which is really needed in Sweden. In my opinion the swedish development was halted when the two government agencies CFL (which I worked at) and MSU were closed last autumn. So this might be a good reboot for the future.

10.10 The first speaker was Roger Säljö, who is a professor of pedagogy. Proing for the socio-cultural learning, he tried to set the digital learning in a historical context and making a prognose for the future. According to him, the development is starting to be definable. From a text based-learning environment we are moving into a media- and device-based learning environment. People will also become more and more creative by using their knowledge in unique ways.

10.45 Kia Höök from Stockholm University shows applications that uses the whole body to control the interface. By moving, dancing or sweating these devices are used for gaming or diaries.

 11.20 Agneta Jörbeck from Förskola, Fritid, Skola in Nacka. She talked about the problems of equipping schools with computers, in a well produced seminar where she interacted with recorded films on the screen.

12.15 I visited the discussion forum “Social media as knowledge tools”. Four short themes from four guys, among others the excellent Pelle Pedagog. Lovely discussion with so many perspectives. I had to ask a little myself.

 13.15 Lunch

14.00 Bruce Dixon, Anywhere, Anytime Learning foundation talking about future learning.


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Internet based 3D-worlds for flexible education

Based on my report “Internet based 3D-worlds for flexible education”, I held a short internal lecture last friday, 29/2 at CFL. The report was finished in june 2007, so it’s not entirely fresh, but my conclutions seem to be ok still. I had a look at some of the popular worlds like Second Life and Active worlds. I interviewed some Swedish researchers in the area and I read the book Lärande i praktiken (Learning in practice) by Roger Säljö. He is very keen on the Socio-cultural perspective of learning, which is very suitable to use on these 3D worlds. I will write more about my conclutions later.

 The lecture was ok, and I think my audience got a glimpse of the potential of these tools.

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Starting from a project about foreseeing the future of learning, this blog is an output of thoughts, ideas, comments and research. I am trying to be practical too, providning examples of the different aspects of the subject. My name is Pelle Filipsson and I work as a web pedagog.